10 Things People With A Serious Sweet Tooth Will Understand

10 Things People With A Serious Sweet Tooth Will Understand


If you’re anything like me then you have a serious craving for sugar and anything sweet.

To people like us the thought of cake for breakfast is our idea of heaven, and let’s be honest, it would be heavenly!

If you’re a sweet lover then you understand that one of the reasons you like going to restaurants is so you can take a look at the dessert menu. You’re always spoilt for choice.

Sweet lovers are a different breed of people. They’re energetic, they”re filled with amazing ideas, and they’ve alway got some form of sweet treat on them.

I cannot express how awesome sweet lovers are, but in honor of them I’ve put together a sweet little list dedicated to them.

So grab some candy, sit back, and relax.


People think you’re nuts because you want to eat cake for breakfast.

But cake is for every day of the week, not just your birthday! Plus cake has sugar, grains and dairy. That’s nearly all of your food groups!


You have no idea what having a sugar crash is like.

Well, to have a sugar crash you need to stop eating sugar. Yeah, no. We’re not prepared to do that. Someone pass the M&Ms.



You don’t have a favorite candy.

If someone makes you choice, leave. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


You always have dessert!

You’d be mad not too, plus it’s the only reason you agreed to go out to a restaurant.


Sweet drinks are Starbucks is your thought of a perfect date.

Do I want whip with my drink? Is that even a serious question?



You keep sweets in some very strange places.

Desk drawers, lockers, coat pockets. Hell, I’ve even hidden my sweets in shoes!


Sweet always wins over savory.

I have pancakes five times this weekend!


You love pinatas.

Breaking something for the beautiful reward of candy? Where can I sign up for that delight?!


You take extra care of your teeth.

It’s to compensate for our undying love of sugar.

We’ve got to prevent those cavities. 


Halloween is your favorite holiday!

You get to dress up and have free candy.

It’s the dream!

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