This Huge 50ft Long Sea Snake Washed Up On The Beach And No One Knew What It Was

This Huge 50ft Long Sea Snake Washed Up On The Beach And No One Knew What It Was


Humanity has a rather strange obsession with anything strange, otherworldly, or just downright grizzly.

It’s common knowledge that there is still a decent amount of the ocean unexplored, so it’s possible that there are unknown species somewhere in the unexplored ocean.

We also love hearing about stories with monsters in them.

Well recently a giant 50ft sea snaked washed up on shore, and it puzzled everyone who saw the photo of it.

No one could figure out what it was.

This fantastic beast washed up on the shoreline of an Indonesian island.

The creature was discovered by Asrul Taunakota, who is local to the area.

Despite it’s size, Asrul thought it was a flipped boat, bobbing up and down on the sea’s surface.

There are many theories that identify they washed up creature.

A washed up leviathan has even been suggested.

A giant squid can grow up to 42ft in length, and a sperm whale averages around 52ft.


The video was posted online by locals. Since then, marine scientists have gone to collect samples to try and identify the creature.

The video appears to show the creature decomposing, surrounded by water with a dark red hue. This, of course, makes for an eerie scene.


The species of this poor creature remains a mystery, but an expert said it’s likely the remains of a baleen whale.

It’s common for whales to float to shore following their death, that if they’ve not been consumed by sharks first.

Monster lovers are still hopeful that the enormous creature found washed up is something straight out of a H.P. Lovecraft novel. But unfortunately for them, the truth will remain a mystery for a little longer.

What do you think this creature could be?

Is it a washed up whale or a monster?

Feel free to let us know in the COMMENTS.

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