British Child Murderer Ian Brady Dies Aged 79

British Child Murderer Ian Brady Dies Aged 79


According to The Sun, child Killer Ian Brady has died this evening at a secure hospital in Merseyside.

The time of death is thought to be around 6pm.

A family member of one of his victims, Lesley Ann Downey, took to Twitter and said: “We as a family have had the best news ever! Brady the devil’s disciple is DEAD!!! May you rot in F****** HELL!!!!!!!!!!”

They also Tweeted a picture of Brady’s victims with the message: “You will never be forgotten.”

Brady was born in Glasgow in 1938 and attended a school for above average students.

He had a troubled and violent childhood while being raised by foster parents in Glasgows roughest slum. He took to crime from a young age and by the time he was a teenager, he was an alcoholic.

He went on to grow a fascination with Nazi Germany and sadism before he met the infamous Myra Hindley.

Hindley was working as a secretary at the same company in Manchester where Brady worked as a store clerk.

On July 12, 1963, he told his new love that he wanted to “commit his perfect murder”.


He drove round on his motorbike as Hindley drove her van around their local area. They then came accross a young girl named Pauline Reade who was 16 years old. They asked he if she would help find a glove Hindley had lost on the Moor.

According to Hindley, Brady took Pauline on to the Moor, where he slashed her throat twice and sexually assaulted her.

Brady claims that Hindley helped.

This was the start of the pairs murdering spree that led to the death of 5 people.

Brady and Hindley were eventually arrested and then jailed for life for three murders in 1966.

While in custody they admitted to 2 more murders. Hindley died in hospital aged 60 in 2002.

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