16 Genius School Ideas That You Wish You Had At School

16 Genius School Ideas That You Wish You Had At School


As the years go by things change.

Things from our childhood are either outdated or ineffective compared to the latest gadgets and toys kids have at their disposal.

It’s sad but also fascinating.

I know as adults we’re not supposed to get excited over the latest in children’s toys, but have you seen the stuff they can get these days? It’s incredible and I’m very jealous!

This also seems to be the case with schools in the 21st century. First, we were introduced to smart boards, but now we have wonderful things like built in slides and notebook and pencil vending machines.

What next?

Honestly, if my school had anything like this when I was at school, I would have had 100% attendance no matter what.

It’s so impressive!

But that’s not all.

According to a 2012 study by the Miami-Dade Public School Board, it showed that modern school facilities actually contribute to the well-being and academic performance of students. It also showed that teachers working in these environments are more likely to keep their jobs.

So we may start to see more and more modern technical influences in our schools.


This school in Australia has tables with solar panels built into them. This allows, students, to charge their devices.


This Japanese pre-school has an open roof to allow the built-in playground to have puddles for the children to play in.


A home education class has a mirror on the wall and ceiling so the students can see what the teacher is doing.


Some schools are even using digital barcodes to help their students with their homework.


This kindergarten playground is built around a tree.


This school has created a spine of literature by painting each locker with a book spine.


Every school needs this during exam season.



This is a brilliant idea!


Some schools have desks with pedals so students can learn while moving.


We need more things like this in our schools!


I wonder if we can have something like this as a quick escape route for leaving work?


The Technical University of Munich has slides built into the campus.


This is how one school presents its periodic table.


Ok, that’s funny!


I like what this math glass did with their door.


This college introduced coasters that’ll tell you if your drink has been spiked.

How incredible are these genius school ideas? I wish they had them while I was at school!

Which was your favorite? Feel free to let us know in the COMMENTS.

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