14 Realities Only Wine Lovers Understand

14 Realities Only Wine Lovers Understand


If you’re like me then you understand how important a good glass of wine is.

It’s our life blood.

While some people prefer beer and vodka, we simply live for a good wine.

It’s our dream to own our own vineyard, even though we know we’d drink it dry.

Wine is perfect for every occasion, and every season. Nothing beats a nice warm red in Winter, and there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of white wine in the summer.

Seriously, nothing can beat it.

But there are a few realities to drinking wine that only the most seasoned wine lovers will understand.

Here are 14 realities only wine lovers will know.


The small portions of wine they serve in restaurants is outrageous!

If I order a large glass of wine, I expect that glass to be full!


Your pride yourself on knowing which wine under $7 tastes the best.

Honestly, it’s a gift you’ve spent years mastering.


Wine can help make any situation, good or bad, more enjoyable.

You also look pretty awesome at the same time.


To a wine lover, cheese and wine is a primary food group.


Wine buzz is the best buzz.

Why have shots when you can have another glass of wine?


Wine drunks are the sweetest drunks you’ll ever encounter.


But they also have the worst hangovers.

Yes, even worst than the people who had 12 shots, 4 large vodkas and mixers, and 6 pints of beer.



Nothing is worst than eating a delicious meal without a drop of wine.

You dream of the perfect pairing while you eat.


You rarely leave wine in the bottle once you’ve opened it.


You can always count on wine after a rough day.

Thank you for always being there for us wine.


You struggle to trust someone who doesn’t drink wine.

What’s wrong with you?!


Your favorite accessory is a glass filled with wine in your hand.

And it’s now available in three colors, red, white, or pink!


If your cooking with wine, then you also test the wine before you use it.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!


You’d love to own your own vineyard.

Even though you know you’d drink it dry.

Wine lovers are a special breed of people who truly understand that there are very few things better than a glass of wine on a Friday night.

Seriously, wine is life.

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