15+ Photos Proving Wedding Photographers Are Crazy

15+ Photos Proving Wedding Photographers Are Crazy

For a day as special as your wedding, you certainly need a special photographer. The photographer has a difficult task of capturing the magic that the couple share and sometimes this means going to extreme lengths to do so. The photos often look so good, you don’t question how they are taken, but these photos will show the crazy things a dedicated photographer has to do in order to get that perfect shot. Read on to see 30 photos that prove wedding photographers are crazy.

1. Getting down in the dirt.


I hope he has a towel nearby.

2. They certainly like their mud.

3. Don’t look down.

4. ‘Can I take a photo underneath your dress?’.

I imagine that question would have taken some explaining.

5. You would never know it was in a car park!

The power of photoshop.

6. ‘Don’t let go of me!’

7. They must have a strong grip on that camera.

Looks like a great excuse to go on some fairground rides.

8. ‘Hold Me Back!’

Does he always bring his assistants?

9. What a conveniently placed tree.

10. It’s all about those high angle shots.

‘So what’s your job?’

‘Oh, I give piggybacks to a photographer.’

11. Every photographer needs a good dress holder.

‘Hurry up and take the photo’

12. I hope his camera was waterproof.


13. From the dirt on his shirt, you can see he’s been doing this all day.

You’d think he’d start to bring some cushions out with him.

14. This one might have just fallen over.

That would be so embarrassing.

15. Heavy rain.

16. Here we see the moment the photographer fell down the stairs.

It made for a great shot though.

17. The bride smiled, despite the fact she was completely ruining her dress.

You can’t deny those lily pads make for a great photo though.

18. ‘Help, my toe is caught’.

19. Someone tell this photographer they’re at the wrong end.

Can’t imagine the bride was too impressed.

20. The groom was so upset about his wet suit, he couldn’t face the camera.

At least the photographer had an umbrella.

21. Levitating Groomsmen.

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