14 Hilarious Reasons Why You Should Always Check The Background Of Your Photos.

14 Hilarious Reasons Why You Should Always Check The Background Of Your Photos.

Nowadays, everyone takes photos. Some people take photos of every meal they eat, while others obsess over finding the perfect selfie. No matter what the photos are of, we all know someone that constantly spams their social media pages with them. While this can be slightly irritating, it can also be absolutely hilarious, especially when people don’t check their photos before they post them. Read on for 14 reasons as to why you should always check what’s in the background of your photos before posting them.

1. Toilet Selfie.


I think that’s an idea that needs to get flushed down the toilet. If you’re going to take a nice photo of yourself, at least make sure you’re not sat on the toilet with a mirror right behind you for everyone to see. I mean, it’s not even like it’s easy to miss, her reflection takes as much of the photo up as her selfie, maybe she’s done this on purpose but I don’t see why?

2. Prom Photo.

“Dad will you get out of bed and take this photo for me please.” This simple mistake just ruined this perfectly nice prom photo. How could he miss that belly and y-fronts in the corner of his photo though? I wonder how many times this photo has been turned into a meme…

3. Mismatch

Great time to take a photo. The reflection is just beautiful. That guys face in the background says it all. At a quick glance, it just looks like the guy in the picture has an extremely feminine body and a very manly hairy face.

4. Imaginary Girlfriend

Looks like his girlfriend is a vampire then. Why do people not check their photos before posting them online and making themselves look like complete and utter idiots? If you’re going to take a photo like this, then at least don’t take it right in front of a car with reflective windows, it would have made it a lot more believable.

5. He Looks So Serious!

Anyone seen that photo of that woman casually sat on a bus reading Harry Potter erotica? This is like that but ten times worse, it’s cartoon erotica. I don’t actually know what’s stranger. And the fact this guys not even trying to hide it from anyone around him is hilarious. If you were looking at something a bit strange online, you’d obviously try to hide it and do it a bit discreetly, this guy doesn’t give a sh*t quite clearly does he! What ever floats your boat eh.

6. Bathroom Mirrors.

When you’re in the middle of having a wee, the last thing you want is your friends taking a photo of you in the background showing everyone what you had for breakfast. Maybe next time that girl will think twice before taking a selfie when her friends sat on the loo, poor thing probably didn’t realise she’d been snapped in the photo until it was all over Facebook.

7. Did Not Disappoint.

Does no one see the resemblance between this photo and the one of Kim Kardashian posing in the mirror in that white swimsuit? They’re uncanny, don’t you agree? I bet this guy definitely bought the mirror when he saw this photo. I mean, I’d definitely buy that mirror if someone sent that picture that me, I’d be buying it for sure!

8. Cheater Caught Out!

You know what else they say, women make the best detectives. If you send a photo of yourself to your girlfriend, expect her to examine that photo like she’s a forensic examiner. Patrick does look extremely like a girl doesn’t he, a long haired blonde girl with a pretty blue cardigan on. At least if you’re going to lie, be clever about it.

9. Impressive Feet.


I’m not sure what’s weirder about this photo, the fact this guy is pretending that someone’s taken a photo of him, the fact he’s posted a picture of himself looking like that, or the fact his feet can hold his phone so well. He’s got feet like a monkey! This photo has to be a joke.

10. Impossible!

You’d have to be pretty thick to think this plane was up in the air anyway because if it was and the window was open it would probably self-combust or almost certainly crash. This pilot clearly doesn’t have enough work to do if he’s got enough time on his hands to photoshop a different background into his photo.

11. Wet Pants.

I don’t think this guy realised he was going to have to stand in front of a glass stand whilst people stared right at him with soaking wet pants on. Maybe he should wear darker pants next time, just in case this accident happens again. No one’s judging, it would just save a lot of embarrassment that’s all!

12. Open Road.

I don’t see one car on the road through those sunglasses. Maybe this lad didn’t realise the power of zoom on people’s phones or just how clear people’s camera phones are nowadays. Oh and, I take it he doesn’t realise he shouldn’t be on his phone behind the wheel, dummy!

13. Bedroom Selfie.

I’m not sure what’s worse about this photo, the hideous blue eyeshadow or the paper thin eyebrows? All I can say about this photo is maybe next time this girl wants to take a half naked selfie, she should fake tan her body to match the colour of her face.

Oh, and did no one tell that girl that pink lipstick doesn’t go well with blue eyeshadow? NO? I didn’t think so either…I always wonder who receives these kinds of photos and why/how they end up online, like, why do people feel the need to share photos of themselves in nothing but their bra and knickers online?

14. My Dear, What Lovely Nostrils You Have.

At first glance, this is a nice photo and then you zoom into that little bathroom mirror to find that! I bet she thought, “Oh, I look nice today, I’ll take a selfie of myself” then didn’t realise her seriously zoomed in mirror was in the way of the photo making her look like the elephant woman and the smear on the mirror looks like she has a giant bogey dangling down from her nose. . Bless her.  Oh well, at least the rest of the photo is relatively nice, she could have done with cleaning her bathroom a bit before taking the picture too.

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