9 Hilarious Problems Only Women Will Understand


Being a woman these days is hard work.

It’s certainly something which carries a lot of challenges, to say the least!

Something which is a struggle for many people is trying to find a balance between your career and family life, as well as other trivial struggles like what to wear for your date night.

Women face a truly unique set of problems.

But sometimes all you can do is laugh.

With that in mind, here are a few issues that most women can relate to.


Everyone woman who’s ever worn heels understands the struggle that is walking on a well-manicured lawn.

Though wearing heels while walking on sand is much worse!


When your compact gets cracked.

It’s still useable, but it’s just a pain to use. And let’s be honest, it breaks your heart a little.


Whenever you wear white trousers or shorts, or even a skirt, your bound to get your period.

If you’re due for your period but not had it yet, then you’re due a visit, and it’ll probably happen while your wearing those white pants.

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Sweatpants and Uggs are comfortable as hell!

They’re a cute outfit for home, but as soon as you go out you’re bound to bump into the cute guy at the office, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?



Makeup bags are great for carrying your makeup around when your traveling, but they’re a pain to clean.

It’s almost like they’re magnets, but instead of attracting other magnets, they just attract more filth.


When you’re trying to eat healthily and make a good impression on your first date, but your date takes you to your favorite restaurant.

Let’s be honest would you rather have a salad over something as delicious as this? I didn’t think so.


Birth control is one of the greatest discoveries and inventions of the 20th century.

They’re an empowering way for a woman to be proactive about her reproductive health. But it doesn’t feel that way when your coworker mistakes them for mints! 


Women tend to amass sanitary products, there’s always one just at the bottom of your purse. But of course, like most things this is only true is you don’t actually need one.


Going camping is a lot of fun!

But let’s be honest. No woman wants to fall into a puddle of her own pee.

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